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  1. I was a Stunt Woman at Old Tucson, in 1994, until I blew my thumb out performing in a stunt show. I loved working there! It was like playing dress-up every day. Seeing the joy in the eyes of the kids, was the best. Beating up cowboys in front of hundreds of people wasn’t bad either. I will never forget when my 5 year old nephew asked me “Tia Teri, why were you shooting at those men?” I told him, “Because there were missing with my friend, Duke, The Good Guy, and we have to stand up for our friends”.  Then I explained to him that it was all pretend. He looked at me in a whole different light, for a few minutes. Priceless!

  2. Ahhh, the smell of mesquite, the crispness in the early western morn, and walking down the streets of Old Tucson Studios, is always an enjoyable experience to me. Thinking about those famous western stars that were there before me. What a great family to be in. I would like to extend my personal and heartfelt thanks to Bob Shelton for heading up such a glorious place of yesteryear. It was and always will be an experience that I will forever cherish.
    Gary W. Halsey Sr.

  3. I wanted to pass along the loss of an OTS alumni and friend Barbara Cain. Barb passed away on September 11, 2014. OTS and those of us walking those dusty streets were very special to her. May she rest in peace.

  4. It seems like eons since I was a part of the Alumni group for 2013 helping out wherever I could to run a smooth audible show. Now it seems I cannot be seen by anyone from that time without reminiscing; those such contacts have been few and far between. For all I know Old Tucson is still the way it is and has no plans to make any changes any time soon despite news coverage and a fancy Non-for-profit organization. Only time will tell if the fabled Old Tucson (Studios) will survive an ever changing society almost synonymously clueless of the striking gem that once stood in the Tucson Mountains…

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