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  1. i lived in tucson in the 1980’s and we visited the old tucson town and ill never ever forget it i was young but i still have a few imiges in my head im sorry about the fire what a shame a part of our history is gone but i heard you guys did a beautiful job on fixing it up. I wish i could get u guys to send me some pictures of old tucson before it burned down but that is prob out of the question my parents split up and all pictures were lost and i can not aford to come to arizona again but in my heart im still there its a wonderful place to me thank u for listening and i really want some old pictures Your biggest fan!!!

  2. Steve Kimbriel

    I worked on a Music Video in the 1980s at Old Tucson.
    It had Michael Martin Murphy in it and other Cowboy Singers.
    It was a 1 hour Video on the ” History of Cowboy Music ” or something like that.
    Can you tell me what the name of it was?

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